A national program of public health surveillance is being implemented across Jordan.

The project introduces case-based, integrated disease surveillance that is coded according to the International Classification of Disease (ICD-10).

The clinician uses the system within the consultation, which introduces clinical-decision support, as well as best practice prescribing guidance and and real-time reporting of information.

Information is made available within one hour via an online framework with automated generation of SMS and email alerts and support for mapping and reporting, that is accessed at all levels of the Ministry of Health.

The following indicators monitor the status and functioning of the health system in and are automatically updated from health facilities:

Weekly epidemiological public reports are published online and distributed via e-mail. The most recent reports are available here:

Communicable Disease
Communicable Disease

Non-Communicable Diseases
New Visits Report
Non-Communicable Diseases
Return Visits Report

The project has the following principles of implementation (click to expand):

We gratefully acknowledge the support of
our partners in the development of this project.